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So last night I went to the Cock & Bull Pub for only an hour and in that time span some drunkard smashed in the back end of my car. Unfortunately I did not notice till this morning(no I wasnt drinking or drunk myself) I just happened to not walk around the rear end of my car. Anyway the drunkard did about a 1,000 worth of damage. The taillights are busted, the trunk is all bent including the top right side of my car. Whoever hit me must have had a truck or SUV type vehicle or at least it appears that way.Also they hit me pretty hard to bend in the whole upper frame of my vehicle(my car is pretty tough to break). If I report this to my insurance company they will surely TOTAL my car forcing me to get a new one. Honestly I dont have the time to shop around for a car. It's still driveable and all that but I cant open my fucking trunk and I will have to buy new tailights/cover too! Gosh I am so angry just the thing I need right now when I am already totally broke.. I doubt Im ever going to find the person. But in case anyone hears anything from someone...I have a white buick regal 1994 with band stickers all on the rear(where it was hit) w/ tinted windows, I won't report this to the police I just want some reimbursement. Im hoping the person confesses and I find out who it is but this is unlikely. So let this be a lesson to you kiddos who drive when drunk...Dont drive intoxicated...seriously this is getting ridiculous. What if instead of my car that was a person? You gotta think about these things when you go out drinking, either sober up or have a DD.

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